Dogista Charities

Welcome to the Dogista Charities page. Below you will find a brief description of the very special charities we have chosen to represent and support through Dogista. The Dogista Charities have been chosen for their tireless efforts in helping stray and abandoned dogs across Europe and ones that rely entirely on charitable donations.

Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue

Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue UK is a rescue charity run entirely by volunteers who strive to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home Frenchies in need or at risk. The charity is self-funding by means of donations, auctions and various fund-raising events. Phoenix is growing rapidly, striving to meet the demand for homes as French Bulldogs become the latest victims of over breeding. This has brought all kinds of problems resulting in poorly bred dogs, who often have health and/or temperament issues which has resulted in an increased number of Frenchies being neglected and abandoned. These dogs can become increasingly difficult to look after, and are often passed on to many different owners until they eventually end up cast aside and placed with Phoenix. Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue are passionate about helping this breed and welcome anyone wanting to help in any way, however large or small. Dogista has chosen to work on behalf of Phoenix to bring much needed awareness to the charity and to support their financial needs in their ongoing and tireless efforts to rescue and rehabilitate French Bulldogs.


ADANA Estepona

ADANA (Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals) is an animal charity on the Costa del Sol in Spain run by volunteers. Their aims are to promote love and affection for animals, to provide facilities for the shelter and the care of abandoned, sick and injured dogs whilst seeking new homes for them and to assist the local authorities with such animals. ADANA never puts down a healthy animal. ADANA operate a large kennels and dog shelter, on property owned by the local government and run by ADANA employees and volunteers.